Monday, June 22, 2009

faster than the speed of light

CoCo the Loco - because she totally is loco!
When I started this blog I introduced you all to my lovely family. I have done individual bio’s on two of the fury critters, Lola the Russian Stripper aka Flow and Jack the littlest big man in the whole world. This entry is dedicated to CoCo Loco my hyper active lab cross with who knows what.
Ok I know that there are photo’s of the others in this one and the reason for that is CoCo is one helleva hard dog to photograph. CoCo is as black as the night and as fast as lightning. We have been trying for ages to photograph CoCo flying past at the speed of light and this, my friends, is the closest we have ever come. We need a very expensive camera so we can slow the shutter speed down. We got Coco a couple of weeks after Lola arrived. She was so tiny. I get broodie sometimes and want another puppy then I just think of what a holly terror this dog was and change my mind very quickly. She is just starting to calm down. She loves to run and her stride is so big that Gaz can’t even take a step that big. She flys. Jack runs after her barking (you can’t actually call it a bark – more like a high pitched scream) his little head off, staining his little pork sausage body to try and keep up. Gaz has just taught the big girls about tug of war. Look how high she jumps. CoCo is also very loveable. She climbs on top of you and stuffs her head under you arm and squirms. She is so sweet. I love you my CoCo you are so flippen Loco!

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