Friday, June 12, 2009

exceptionally exceptional...

This fella right here is unbelievable. He is illustrator that my awesomely awesome brother came across on deviantART.

I love the way he describes himself, "I’m an Illustrator and a trippy visionary. I’m quite certain I possess a modest amount of awesome". - AAAWWWWESOME?
Well yes you DO sir. What i would give for just a sprinkle of your talent. shoooo - weeee.

So here are my two favorite illustrations done by Mr. Ryan Mauskop.
Moving right to left, "flying with the figglymuffs" & "I fucking love shopping. Volume 1"

Do you see? Do you see? How flippen insane is this dude? Right?

Now the totally out-of-this-world thing is... drum roll please?

wait for it, wait for it...

He will draw your portrait for $19 plus $6 shipping. You just have to send him you photo. NO WAYS. So if you were running out of ideas for my birthday, now you know!

Here's his link:

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Mel said...

OK, i shall remember remember the 20th September (i am right hey?????!!!) Oh, and my jess THE poo, your blog is lookin mighty fantabulous. You are mighty fantabulous. Thats why i love you.

PS. you are cool.