Sunday, June 28, 2009

a girl & her horse

This is gonna be a long one. I care not, it’s my blog and I can rattle on as much as I like.
*sticks tongue out and giggles*
It’s Sunday morning. I’m drinking coffee, swaying gently to the sweet sound that is The Shins and typing this entry. I’ve been up for a few hours researching. This entry did need a little know-how behind it even though it is a knowledgeable topic for me. There are so many aspects to it that I love but have never really experience first hand.
I grew up in a horsey family, my grand and aunt especially. Both my parents rode as youngsters but never really LOVED it. I got the love genes all right. When I was a little girl my Auntie Lu used to train race horses at some huge yard. On some Saturdays she used to pack me into her golf along with little Sammie, her dog, and off we would go. I would follow her around all day with hearts in my eyes. All those big beautiful horses…
I know a lot of people are scared of them, this I don’t really understand. I know you should have a healthy respect for a creature that towers over you and would whip your ass in a weigh in but truly they are just like huge dogs. Better by far actually. Highly intelligent & emotional creatures who have larger than life personalities of their own.
Later I used to go to shows on Sundays with my aunt. Sunny South African afternoons watching the riders go round the course, boereworse rolls and later the nearby river for a dip to cool off. Great memories.
I would beg my Gran for horse. PLEAD. One day I got home and there standing at the bottom of the field was a huge dapple grey. He looked like a heavenly storm cloud hovering over the long grass. I went hysterical.
A contact of my Gran’s had given him to her. He was four years old. No use to the racing yard he had come from because he had manky knees. “No good for jumping” according to them. I didn’t care. I was in love. We named him Stormy Skies and so the love affair between a girl and her horse began. I have so many happy, special, sad, nail biting, funny, scary but mostly exceptional memories of him:

♥ Bron & I riding double donkey on the way home from a lesson, singing at the top of our lungs, all of a sudden stormy getting a fright and the two of us dangling on for dear life and gently thudding to floor with hysterical laughter
♥ Galloping all the way home the wind, sometimes the rain, whipping across my face.
♥ Terrified Lee-Anne, standing behind the gate, throwing a carrot at Stormie and expecting him to “go fetch” because we told her he was like a huge dog.
♥ Sitting in his feild with his head in my lap, crying my eyes out because the stupid VET wouldn't hurry the hell up. That terrifying feeling of not know what was wrong with him. The VET arriving 7 hours later & the relief when he finally stood up.
♥ Bron, climbing up onto the roof off the stables, at the speed of light, because she was petrified of the bad tempered old boy Humba (he was Stormies stable mate).
♥ Stormie nibbling my hair.
♥ How bruised my foot was after he stood on it that one particular time.
♥ The way he used to rub his head up and down me after I took his bridle off, leaving green foam all down my one side.
♥ The way he jumped over that snake on our way to a lesson one afternoon.
♥ Waking up at 3am knowing how long its going to take me to entice him into a horse box . I could go on forever…
♥ Winning my first "Clear Round" on his back.

Sadly Stormie Skies left this planet two years ago. I will miss him dearly.
This passion for horses got me hooked on another of my passions. Reading. I hated it when I was younger. HATED it. My Gran gave me “The Horse Whisperer” by Nicholas Evans and convinced me to read it. That was the first book I ever read from start to finish that wasn’t assigned reading from school. It took about three months to finish but I loved it. I then moved onto my mom’s Jilly Cooper novels. “Polo” was the first. WOW. WOW. WOW. A new passion was born in me there and then. When I was younger & braver I really wanted to learn how to play polo, I fancied myself as a bit of a "Perdita MacCloed". Now I would be content with just attend regular matches, enjoying a glass and stomping the divots in between chukkas.

POLO - The sport of Kings. First played in Persia in the 6th Century. Polo has long been played by the wealthy because it’s very expensive to own and maintain a stable of horses. Polo’s played all over the world; England, USA, Argentina, and Arabia to name a few. A game that has been a past time of the Royal Family for many years. Prince Charles is a long time player as well as his two sons William and Harry who both maintain a 1-goal handicap. You might also know Ignacui “Nacho” Figueras the 6-goal handicap player from Argentina. He is the face of “POLO Blue” by Ralph Lauren.
Basically polo is played with two teams. There are four on a team. A match is made up of 4-6 chukkas depending on where you are in the world. The aim is to hit the ball through the opponent’s goal post. After every goal scored the teams change sides. Whoever scores the most goals wins. The handicap reflects the individual ability and range from a negative two, for an absolute beginner, up to a max of ten for the best players in the world.
Here is an interview with Nacho from Vanity Fair if you want to know more about the game and his delicious self: because I’m a Twilight & Polo fan here is something cool. Robert Pattinson beat Nacho by a landslide in the Vanity Fair “The world’s most handsome man” poll. Robert got 51% of all the votes and Nacho came second with 17%. Totally awesome? Dam right it is. Aren’t the gorgeous?

Polo’s a very fast game with highly skilled and polished riders and ponies. I have never seen a polo match with my own eyes. Well I have from a far. On the road home if you look left into the valley there is a polo club. We sometimes see the bug-sized horses & riders all swarming across the field after the ball you can’t see. I was trying to find a website this morning but couldn’t. I need to find out when there is a match we can go watch. I will have to get in the car and go adventuring into the valley. I once saw an Argentine polo player at the Spar in his breeches and baby blue Argentina shirt buying a bag of carrots. He was angelic. Dark curly hair pulled away from his oh so beautiful dark Argentine face. I went bright red when I saw him grabbed Lands by the hand and ran looking for my mother. The things an Argentine polo player can do to girls head?
Mel and I want to get our own horses. For Christmas last year she took me for a ride at the Voortrekker Monument. We rode Cape Mountain Horses (I think?). It was so much fun. I hadn’t ridden in years and it was like coming home after a really long holiday. We were allowed to gallop for a short stretch. Too short a stretch for Smellers and me. Mel had only ever ridden once before and she walked for the whole ride! It was so funny watching Mel bouncing and giggling her head off. We slowed down because home was approaching. Well that just was not good enough for Mel. She wanted more and kept urging her pony on and the leader dude kept telling her to slow down until she finally did. That experience confirmed our need to own our own horses. One of our friends dad has a whole lotta appaloosa’s. They’re proper Cowboy & Indian horses. See picture below. He said he would sell us each one for a very reasonable price.

I found this awesome place on the Pretoria highway. It’s called SA Trails, , and they specialise in Western riding, which is exactly how I want to ride & it will be way easier for Mel, and maybe Nina, to learn. We will hopefully keep our horsies there. They have the most amazing out rides. I don’t want to compete, just ride for the love of being on horse back with great friends and enjoy the fresh air.
I hope this inspires you go out and love something other than the usual or get on a horse because you’ve always wanted to or spend an afternoon in the sun watching a polo match, maybe even read POLO or Twilight. Go on, have an adventure.
Sooo, I like totally told you it was gonna be a long one. It’s Sunday afternoon now and I’ve spent hours researching, writing and doing layout. I absolutely loved every minute of it. Time to curl up on my bed with a hot cuppa and read. Bliss.
I hope your Sunday has been as chilled as mine.
Much love,

Thursday, June 25, 2009

sushi for beginners

So tonight Gaz & I have been invited to go and watch the soccer at our favorite friends, Craig & Mel.
Gaz & Craig have been best friends since they were in primary school. Inseparably causing havoc where ever they may go.
Gaz & I finally hooked up in the November of 2002, Craig and Mel the January of 2003. The girlfriends were introduced. We hit it off but soon after roomer’s starter circulating that Mel was flirting with every one of Craig’s friends. I was like the audacity! And we didn’t see them for a like two years after that.
Then we saw each other at some social gathering and again got on like a house on fire, the fire being fuel by propane gas. Explosive. I change the opinion I had formed in my head of “this girl who was flirting with all these boys” very quickly. Mel is just the most loveable person you will ever meet and extremely affectionate. I can see how someone may misconstrue this as being flirtatious when they first meet her. But when you do get to know her you realize very quickly how loyal and utterly committed she is to Craig. Everyone L. O. V. E – loves her. She taught me a great lesson. Never listen to what other people say. Form your own opinions. Mel is my best friend in the whole world. We have the greatest times together and its never as much fun if she isn’t there.
I sent her an e-mail yesterday and got no reply. I didn’t really think much of it because she works uber hard and hates even taking personal phone calls while she is at work. Then I text her in the evening and there was just something about her reply that made the intuition every woman owns switch into overdrive. You know that you are inexplicable connected to someone when you can pick feelings up off of text messages that would otherwise seem pretty normal to anyone else. I asked her if there was something wrong and it turns out this beautiful girl ran a little doggie over. Needless to say she is very traumatized. I told her that accidents are 98.8% unpreventable and that she is a great human for making sure the little doggie got to vet. He is fine and reunited with his owner.
We weren’t going to go tonight because Gaz has just started a new job and is trying to put in a lot of extra hours. Craig called Gaz this morning and made a bargain with him so we are going. I am very pleased about this because now I can give my beautiful friend a great big squeeze and cheer her up. And I have a game plan. Yes I do. How do you know me? The over planning Virgo. Everything down to a T.
Of late I have become rather addicted to suuuushi. I couldn’t understand the hype. Gaz would always be CRAVING it like a pregnant woman craves peanut butter and watermelon sandwiches at 3am. He got me to try it and BOOM – addicted. Have you notice how happy you get after eating sushi? Flip it’s like a serotonin overload. I dare say even better that eating a slab of Lindt. Well Mel doesn’t eat sushi. I know why. The idea of raw fish and seaweed isn’t really so appetizing to those who are sushi virgins. I was exactly the same. She did promise me though that she would try and try she will tonight.
So sushi for beginners:
Avo & cucumber maki, california rolls and fashion sandwiches. Plain and simple. NO raw fish. I must say I am not a fan of the fish and can’t eat the crab and prawn because I am highly allergic to shell fish. Stick to what you know and trust, that’s what I say. I will be armed with a bit of green, cause I know she loves it, a bottle of red (which Mel got me hooked on) and maybe some chocolate just for added punch. We will play 30 seconds and sit in her room and watch the huge TV, maybe Sex and the City cause she loves it.
We will giggle and gossip, play the game with Max & Luke and just be the silly girls.
I flippen ♥ you Smellershe Schloapsher! Yes I do.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Vanilla Choc Chip

I told you patience is a virtue. Maybe I didn’t but I am now. And aren’t you flippen glad that the waiting finally paid off?

Vanilla Chocolate Chip Cup Cakes with Chocolate Butter Icing

Place the rack one up from half way – No burnt bottoms J
Preheat your oven to 205°C

You will need:
Cup Cakes
1 cup Flour
2tsp Baking Powder
pinch Salt
½ cup water
3 eggs
¼ cup oil
1 cup sugar
1tsp Vanilla Essence
1 cup chocolate chips
12 Large cup cake cups


2 tbsp Butter
6 tbsp icing sugar
1 tsp vanilla
2-3tsp coco

Place cup cake cups into a cup cake baking tray.
Sift flour, baking powder & salt into a large mixing bowl.
In a separate bowl, separate the egg yolks from the whites.
Add to the egg yolks the water, oil, sugar & vanilla. Stir until nicely combined.
Add this mixture to your dry ingredients and mix well.
Beat your egg whites until stiff the gently fold them into the cup cake mixture. This will make your cup cakes lovely and fluffy if you take your time and are gentle.
You can add in the chocolate chips if you want but I find that it kills all the air from the whipped egg whites. I like to pour the mixture into my cup cake cups and then add the choc chips individually. Sprinkling them into the cup cakes and allowing them to sink slowly, this way they don’t all sink and stick to the bottom.
Place your baking tray in the oven and bake for 10-15mins. Watch them closely between the 10 and 15-minute marks. Watch the sides until they start to turn golden brown. When you poke them through the middle and your poker comes out clean they’re done. Allow them to cool completely before icing them.

What if you want chocolate cup cakes?
Right this is what you do:
Your water will need to be hot water. You combine 4tbsp of coco to the hot water and allow it to cool to room temp. Then add the coco mixture to the egg yolks, oil, sugar and 1 tsp (not 2) of vanilla. Carry on from there.

What if I want cake?
Well then you just use two greased 21cm cake tins instead. Your baking time will be 20 to 25min.

Cream the butter in a small mixing bowl. Sift in the icing sugar and mix well making sure there are no lumps. Add & combine the vanilla. Sift in 2tsp of coco and stir. Taste and if it isn’t chocolaty enough add another tsp.

Have a blast icing your cup cakes. I hope you have way cool decorations.

Now, try not to eat your fingers off see?
Mmm, num num num num num!

faster than the speed of light

CoCo the Loco - because she totally is loco!
When I started this blog I introduced you all to my lovely family. I have done individual bio’s on two of the fury critters, Lola the Russian Stripper aka Flow and Jack the littlest big man in the whole world. This entry is dedicated to CoCo Loco my hyper active lab cross with who knows what.
Ok I know that there are photo’s of the others in this one and the reason for that is CoCo is one helleva hard dog to photograph. CoCo is as black as the night and as fast as lightning. We have been trying for ages to photograph CoCo flying past at the speed of light and this, my friends, is the closest we have ever come. We need a very expensive camera so we can slow the shutter speed down. We got Coco a couple of weeks after Lola arrived. She was so tiny. I get broodie sometimes and want another puppy then I just think of what a holly terror this dog was and change my mind very quickly. She is just starting to calm down. She loves to run and her stride is so big that Gaz can’t even take a step that big. She flys. Jack runs after her barking (you can’t actually call it a bark – more like a high pitched scream) his little head off, staining his little pork sausage body to try and keep up. Gaz has just taught the big girls about tug of war. Look how high she jumps. CoCo is also very loveable. She climbs on top of you and stuffs her head under you arm and squirms. She is so sweet. I love you my CoCo you are so flippen Loco!

All the pretty books

I happen to be very proud of this shelf. It must be well over twenty years old. It was my moms, then my little brothers and finally I got my hands on it. I gave it a fresh lick of maroon paint on the outside and off white on the inside. It never ceases to amaze me how much life a new coat of paint can breathe into old and dusty things. I collect books. I have read hundreds. I only keep the ones I really love. I hope one day to have an entire room shelved from floor to ceiling filled with first additions, paper backs, hard covers, photo albums, pretty photo’s and all my little girly collectables.

Mr. Sleepy-Scrunchie-Face

This one is dedicated to you Mr. Sleepy-Scrunchie-Face..
This, internet, is the most handsome sleepy scrunchie face I have ever seen.
Juniper, you have the prettiest eyes Scrunch. No more going to bed after midnight and waking up after midday. Do you know why? Because you have a new job. I want to wish you the best of luck. You’re gonna rock out and I know it! Lub you gazillions. Xoxo

Twenty Two + Twenty Two = one hellava lotta fun

This is my most awesome other mother. Isn’t she lovely. It was her birthday on Friday and we were all invited round for a bit of a cocktail hour. Well lots longer than just one hour. I always love seeing Gary’s parents. They are such a patsy. We gave her her pressie. She was showing everyone the whole night, making me blush a lot. I am really chuffed she loves it so. Yip yip.

Here are some moments in time.
Look at Gary and his Oupa right at the end. Oupa took his teeth out for that photo. Love, love, love it! Heeeey? What a flippen awesome Oupa.

the windows to out souls… rather jolly souls at this point. hehe.

Check it out. Dancing the dance to Abba. The Oom en sy Ma. Flippen classic.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Gonzo for Twilight - Yip Yip

So one of my daily reads:, posed a question of what song’s should go on the New Moon sound track. -
I really wanted to leave a comment but it just wont let me. Flippen irriumtating!

Here’s what my comment would have been:

I have the perfect song for Breaking Dawn. When Bella is unconscious and burning. They are a South African band called Gonzo Republic. The song is called “Not Sleeping” (track No. 8) and is off their album “I’m ok you’re ok”. They are one of my fav bands. I’ve been lucky enough to see them live and they blew my head right off my shoulders. This song is everything “TWILIGHT”. Listen to the lyrics. I think I had just finished Breaking Dawn when I realized. Gaz & I were on our way to the Spar listening to Gonzo, as we had a thousand times before, and track No. 8 comes on and the lyrics just flippen hit home for me. I got the hugest lump in my throat and had to stop singing. I really want to send someone a link to their my space page. It’s like it was meant to be. Just look at their website, they even have the Twilight colours. I could try and contact Stephenie but does she really have that much influence over the sound track?

I will post this link in her comment thingy and hope that she will read it.

Any suggestions of how I can get this song to someone who will seriously consider it for the sound track? Not necessarily the New Moon sound track, anyone will do!

Gonzo Website:
Gonzo My Space:

I really need to find the flippen lyrics. I have googled and come up with zip. I’m gonna have to sit and listen and write this weekend.

To do list:

Cup Cake Pics & recipe
Gonzo Lyrics

Oh and today is Gazza’s moms bday so we are going to give her her pressie tonight. Flip I am so encited guys.

Have an absolutely fan-tab-u-lista-astic naweek - that’s weekend in Afrikaans - !

Peace, I'm out!!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Universe. Oh universe. How lovely is your energy

The universe is loving Gaz and I at the mo. Yes it is. Cause we’re nice people that’s why.
I have been searching for an awesome vintage bicycle for a while now. Google is no help let me tell you. So there’s this gorgeous little old man who delivers invoices to our office everyday on his awesome vintage bicycle. I asked him, a while ago, if he ever wants to sell his awesome vintage bicycle then I'm his lady. He was pretty adamant at the time that he didn’t want to sell it because he loved it. I even offered to buy him a new bike and we could do a swap. Nope, wouldn’t budge. So then yesterday out of the blue he came around on a lumo green mountain bike. He asked me if I still want to buy his awesome vintage bicycle and I was like, hells yeah. I almost got down and started break dancing to my rap song. He's taken the mud guards and the basket off of the awesome vintage bicycle and fitted them to his lumo green mountain bike. It's so sweet. I told him I would buy his awesome vintage bicycle. Four hundred and fifty rond. I mean you know... I am so freaking excited. I'm gonna take it down to my dad so he can help me make new mud guards and respray it. I dunno if I want to do it candy apple red and chrome or pale light blue and off white? I'm definitely gonna put another basket on the front and Chammy just gave me the beast idea... Tassels on the handle bars. Vintage bike, vintage bike. So that’s reason No. 1.
Reason No.2 is the secret project. I have wanted to do this for along time now and just never had the recourses, material or know how. So at this company function we went to this lady said she is gonna teach me what I need in order to do my secret project. Then 2 or 3 days later here are my materials sitting right in front of me. The people here at work didn’t know what to do with them. So I’m like, dude give em to me. And they did. Joh Joh Joh Joh.
Reason No. 3 is we have been in dire need of a camera cause ours's battery is faaaalep and the shops wanna charge us 900 bucks for a new one. We also lost the stupid charger and they wanna charge us another 850 for that. I would rather buy a new camera, right? So we would have had to save up but then Craigers and Smellerz gave us their old camera. Flip I love those two, like A LOT! They bought a new one cause they are going to Ibiza.
Okay so lets sing shall we.
A one, a two
A one, two, three, four

I said a hip a hop,
Hippie to the hippie,
The hip, hip a hop, and you don’t stop, a rock it
To the bang bang boogie, say, up jump the boogie,
To the rhythm of the boogie, the beat.
Now, what you hear is not a test – I’m rappin’ to the beat,
And me, the groove, and my friends are gonna try to move your feet.

Thanking you Universe.
P.S. No cup cakes pictures yet – jammer.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

yes please

What an awesome weekend. yip yip. Do you know why it was an awesome weekend? Because it was a public holiday on Tuesday and we all got Monday off as well. Four day weekend YES-FLIPPEN-PLEASE! We watched a lot of DVD's. Gaz & I made a huge pot of veggie soup, mmm the goodness of wegitables. We all so perfected our cup cake recipe. They were the BEST cup cakes I have ever eaten or made - vanilla with strawberry and chocolate butter icing - so light and fluffy, melt in your mouth yummy. Oh wow. I will post a photo with the recipe tomorrow. I hope, u hope, we all flippen hope. You better get on that Lady Timez, otherwise all the people will be hoping for nothing & u hate nothing. On Monday we went to fetch my latest canvas from the printers and then ran around getting odds and sods. We framed our pictures and were so dam encited that we drove all the way to Pretoria to give them to their new owners. (I did one for Nina Ballerina's birthday, Gazza's mom’s birthday and I owed the Smellerz on for her birthday last year. What a bad bestest-estest. Tisk tisk. Well I didn’t like the original one I made & couldn't make up my mind so I asked the Smellerz and she told me what she wanted. I printed it them. I have only framed one and given it to her. The other one is just waiting a frame. My pocket can only do so much you know. Nins adores hers. The Smellerz almost exploded. Gazza's mom will get hers this weekend. Totally amped. She's gonna flippen love this one. It's amazing.) We chilled and played kings and I rapped a song the whole night. Mels neighbors weren’t so interested when we dropped in on them at some ungodly hour on Tuesday evening. I can't fathom that. I mean who doesn't wanna hear a live flippen rap song. c'mmon guys, it's the rap of all raps and I can do it really fast with hand movements too, no lies. OK so that was the four day weekend adventure. It was fun.
La Mer and Flow and La La La adventurous adventurers.

vivaciously Frank.

This, my peeps, is my sista from another mista. Heee. No china from another vigina. Pfffft. We were naughty and had many adventures together through our high school years and after. Now she is a mother of two and denies herself her god given gift. Which, to me, is to deny your very self. She is a flippen awesome writer and is probably the reason i passed high school. No lies. To often to count i hadn't completed my history homework and my teacher would kick me out of class to do it. Every time Frank would say she hadn't done hers either, mean while she had, and get kicked out with me so she could help me finish. She tutored me for finials and for that I am eternally grateful. Frank is extremely intelligent and witty and sharp and pretty and naughty naughty and just plain brilliant. i could go on forever. Now that i have discovered this amazing world of blogging I couldn't help but MAKE her naughty bottom start her own blog. Now she can write her words and everyone can see. I effing effing love you. madly. Please follow her blog. You will not be disappointed. PROMISE.

Friday, June 12, 2009

exceptionally exceptional...

This fella right here is unbelievable. He is illustrator that my awesomely awesome brother came across on deviantART.

I love the way he describes himself, "I’m an Illustrator and a trippy visionary. I’m quite certain I possess a modest amount of awesome". - AAAWWWWESOME?
Well yes you DO sir. What i would give for just a sprinkle of your talent. shoooo - weeee.

So here are my two favorite illustrations done by Mr. Ryan Mauskop.
Moving right to left, "flying with the figglymuffs" & "I fucking love shopping. Volume 1"

Do you see? Do you see? How flippen insane is this dude? Right?

Now the totally out-of-this-world thing is... drum roll please?

wait for it, wait for it...

He will draw your portrait for $19 plus $6 shipping. You just have to send him you photo. NO WAYS. So if you were running out of ideas for my birthday, now you know!

Here's his link:

Thursday, June 11, 2009


So smellers if I was a manga lady this is so who I would be. no lies, yes i would. I love her, she's an angel. I love you tooooo!

ssssh! it's a secret...

I have a new project. I'm just warning you all, it's gonna blow you heads right open. I can't tell you what it is though and depending on depending it might take a while. Just building the anticipation...

for my other moms

It's my other mom's birthday next week. Gaz and I finally did the photo shoot for her birthday present. We really got some awesome shots. She is gonna love it. I'm gonna fill her whole passage (and believe me, it's a flippen long one) with photo's of the family and the fun times we all have together. This will be my third addition. I think it's gonna print beautifully. I will take a photo once we've hung it on her wall. YAY. I love to make beautiful things for the people I love so very much.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

you're painted on the pattern wall

oooooh, i flippen love this handsome fella. A LOT!

magnify me

Like I said in my previous post Gaz is the photographer out of us and this definitely explains what I mean. Look how clever he is. I would never have thought to take a photo like this. you clever thing you...

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

your a funny kind of a guy

Your so flippen gorgeous. That's all I have to say.


Gaz is definitly the photographer out of us. He has an amazing eye and takes pretty insane photographs. However I am proud to announce that this one is all me. The grass made me very itchy but the expression on his face makes it all worthwhile. Such concentration.

Monday, June 8, 2009

i ♥ u Mr. Cactus

It's that time of year again when the surrounding veld drys out and eventually catches on fire. It's all so black and dreary. I don't really like this time of year. It's cold and everything is dead. Except for the cacti. On our way to work one morning, waiting for the gate to open my mom spotted this cactus shaped like a heart. Isn't he lovely. The only bit of life left in the veld around our house. You have a beautiful ♥ Mr. Cactus.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

shooting rainbows out of his eyes

This is Gary's really happy face. Can you see the endorphins? He's shooting rainbows out of his eyes.

And this is why Gary has a really happy face...

Clever Nigella ladies "Hot Chocolate Cup".

Last night at about 10h30 Gaz got his usual craving for something sweet. As we live far from any form of civilisation and would have to take our passports just to go to the garage, he decided to try out the recipe I had vaguely jotted down one Saturday afternoon. Truly amazing that it worked. They were so yummy. If you want to have rainbows shooting out of your eyes follow this very simple recipe:
You will need:
1 cup chocolate chips
2 tablespoons of butter
2 eggs
1/4 cup flour
3/4 cup sugar
Preheat your oven to 200°C. Melt the chocolate chips with with the butter. Whisk the eggs and add the flour & sugar. Combine the chocolate mixture & egg mixture. Pore into 4 ramekins. If you don't have ramekins mugs will do. Bake for 20minutes and viola you'll have rainbows shooting out you pretty eyes!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


me⋅di⋅o⋅cre – adjective
1.of only ordinary or moderate quality; neither good nor bad; barely adequate.
2.rather poor or inferior.

Love Hunt by Fiona Walker. I am afraid to say that Jilly and Stephenie have spoiled me for life. I found that I could put it down, I could take a break, it took a while to read BUT it served its purpose because if you are anything like me, you can not be without a book no matter how mediocre. I did enjoy the love story and happy ending but then you compare it to Edward & Bella, Rupert & Taggie, Lysander & Kitty, Viking & Abby, Ian & Wanderer, Jarred & Mel - there is just NO comparison. Two things I did LOVE was Trudy finding her soul again, that was nice & I love the lady's hot pink velvet shoes on the cover. HOT PINK!
Sorry Fiona. You win some, you loose some - plus I don't think my opinion is really gonna effect you "Best Seller". Thank you for you words.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

ladies of la mer

If you know me then you know my obsession. flip i wish i was a mermaid. Today i was surfing, as usual, and decided to have a gander at my favorite mermaid artist's page to see if there was anything new. And low and behold she's done it on colour. NOOOOOO-WAAAAYYYYYYS! They are both amazing. This is my favorite mermaid picture of all time. Its rather appropriately named "Motherhood" originally done in pencil, now in colour. How am I ever gonna choose between the two? They are both amazing. I think one day when I'm big I will have to order both prints. The artists name is Selina Fenech and she does all kinds of fantasy art. my personal favorites are her mermaids and her goddesses. check her out on:

Monday, June 1, 2009

Nina Ballerina

On the 2nd of June 1987 this most beautiful lady was born. Her name is Nina Ingrid Harms. A very talented lady, Beautiful inside and out and a very good friend. When I think of Nina in my head she always looks like an angel. She is an amazing person. I made her this picture for her birthday. I hope you love it Ninz. Ok so the frame is not exactly the same but I couldn't find a picture of it and I still have to send the canvas for print but you get the idea. I will update when the finished product is finished. Happy birthday my amazing friend. Love you.

One hundered thousand volts Amped!

What a weekend. flippen great. loved it. no lies. On Friday afternoon we had this grand opening of a new company to attend and our company name to up hold. Chamy and I got hellishly jolly and, I am rather proud to announce, help our companies name high. We left at seven.
Saturday we went to Paul's birthday at News Cafe and saw everyone. That was great. I didn't wanna let Mellie Poo go. Nope I did NOT! We were home pretty early and passed out on the couch by 11.
Sunday was such a lazy day. We ate a lot of munchies and watch flippen funny movies, "Mamma's Boy" & "Forgetting Sarah Marshall".
So the big news for me is that the official New Moon trailer is out. Check out this link. Flipp I am so amped - one hundered thousand volts amped. ja boet, I can't wait.