Tuesday, May 26, 2009

tin tin

Look at these two amazing tins I found at Bruma on the weekend! They are so beautiful they make me want to sing. Bruma have this amazing shop with EVE-RY-THING inside it. Thousands of amazing little trinkets. I went with the mission to find a tin and boy did I only. They have a whole tin section. The new stuff is all on top and you can get a 3 set with polka dots! No ways. I dug a little deeper and struck flippen gold! At the back of the shelves hidden, are all the old tins. Flowering shooting hell I almost had a heart attack. I chose the beautiful strawberry tin cause it has such a vintage pattern and is my favorite colour blue and is all old and rusted. The character, I tell you, well I don’t have to cause you can see with your looking eyes…It’s for the fudge Gary makes. He got the recipe of my favorite blog to read “Lucky Pony” by Angie Pants Durrant. She is out of this world cool! The little house one, I mean, I didn’t really have an option inside me head, just look at it! It flippen opens right up! Wow wow radical wow. Tinny tinny tin tinz, I really love you, yes I do!


Mel said...

Only you my poo. only you.

nicoleshmicole said...

very very cool tins