Wednesday, May 20, 2009

quater pounda with cheeze pleeeeeze?

This was one helluva night on the town let me tell you. It was Gazza's 25th birthday and we went to Crazy 88's (Norwood) to go and watch Gonzo Republic & Desmond. Would have been the 1st time we saw them but just before they came on Gaz decided he wanted to go watch the end of this DJ comp a couple of our friends were competing in, in Melville. This really pissed my brother Kyle off but I didn't care cause it was Gazza's birthday and he could do whatever he wanted. Well Ky & I got in huge fight and I was a bit boozed up. I tried to get out of the car and Gaz pulled me back, ripping my shirt, the cops saw it all and pulled him over. Almost got him arrested. Thank goodness they didn't. I always say Gary is luckiest person I know & it's flippen true. What a night, I ended up falling asleep in the club and got kicked out by the bouncer. Later I drove everyone home cause I was the only sober one. Gaz projectile vomited down the side of his car. Just thinking about that night makes me cringe & giggle all at the same time. We finished the weekend off with my work Christmas function. That explains the last two photos below. It was western theme. coooool!

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