Tuesday, May 26, 2009

my pretties

I really love long necklaces with pretty pendants on the end. I have loads. Especially beaded ones which I must admit I buy more than I wear. But these four I wear all the time. They are my favorite. I did this little photo shoot with Kyle last night at his house cause he has amazing photographing backgrounds. The background in this picture is from his coffee table book about dreadlocks – he flippen loves dreadlocks. The photo turned out great hey? Bottom pictures right moving left. The first one is a necklace I made. At Broadacres shopping center there used to be this amazing bead shop. I was looking for a long necklace and I wanted a disco ball pendant because I flippen love the dance. This is the closest I got but dam is it amazing. It cost me five rand for the chain & seven rand for the disco ball. If you put a light behind it shoots off every colour of the rainbow. The second is my rosary. I love it so much. I bought it from a Christian shop for twenty rand. When I put it one I imagine that I have this protective bubble around me, my family & friends, angels on all corners. Yes. The third is a heart shaped crystal type pendant. I conned Gary’s mom into giving it me. She bought it from Honey. Thanks mom. The last one I also made at the bead shop, the chain cost me three rand and the pendant five rand. It’s my lucky clover. I wore it to Desmond the other night and from all the jumping dance the clover fell off. It’s lucky cause Gary picked it up off the floor and gave it back to me. Lucky, lucky little green clover. All my pretties I love you.

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Mel said...

HOW SICK is that table?