Friday, May 29, 2009


Internet this is Jack, the littlest big man you will have the privilege of meeting. I bought him for Gazza's 21st birthday present. They are inseparable. He is the naughtiest lil being I have ever met. He has OCD. He stresses himself out and makes his own immune system crash. Always on a mission. If we, for some or another reason, come home out of routine, we are guaranteed to see him sprinting through the veld and under the fence, straight to the gate, tail wagging like he's done nothing wrong. Little adventurer. He has to sleep under the duvet and because of this I can never have a made bed in the house for more than 5 minutes. Come summer or winter, night or day he always scrunches the duvet into the middle of the bed and lies right underneath it. Little rat. Heart of a lion. My dad always said a Jack Russel could kill a Rottweiler... the Jack would get stuck in the Rottie throat. Never a truer word spoken!

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Mel said...

what a beaut!