Monday, May 18, 2009

making the pretty, making the pretty.

ok, so I know that I have mentioned that I love to make pretty fings wif my hands. These are some photo's of some pretties that I have made.
No. 1 "Mirage" by one of my fav artists Jim Warren, printed on canvas and framed by me. It really is a beautiful picture. It really appeals to me because I am really in love with the ocean and mermaids. I wish I could be a mermaid : (
No. 2 "Elly" by me. Yes I drew her. Isn't she amazing? I am trying to teach my self how to draw. I really love illustrations that are child like, the original is by an artist called Ally Moon. Her stuff is amazing. I am gonna frame her and post her to my best friend Bron along with No.3. It's for her baby girl Hannah Maye. I hope she loves her.
No. 3 The little squares are CD covers. The blue and yellow rectangles below them are writting paper I designed and printed. It's a package for my Bron. She lives in Namibia with her beautiful family. I feel it is my duty, because she is all grown up now, to keep her up to date with the happenings of the irresponsible : ). So I wrote her one helluva letter (e-mails are just so impersonal, at leats this way she can keep it forever in her box of sentimentals) and made her some awesome music CD's. She's gonna love it! I know she will.


Mel said...

i love ellie

Lady Times said...

she's so beautiful hey? Ja, I flippen love her too!