Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Jilly. Jilly. Jilleeee. JILLY!

Yes, oh, yes. This lady right here is my favorite author of all flippen time. Yes she is. Just thinking about the scandal makes my head want to spontaneously combust. And Jeez is she only funny. Fall off your chair funny. I lie not. The first book I ever read of hers was "POLO". I was in high school and absolutely horse mad. I really identified with the leading lady, Perdita MacCleod. Out of control, rebel of a girl. I was hooked. I have read every single one of her novels at least three times each. They could not bore me even if they tried. The all follow into the next which is awesome because when you finish you, well I, always want to know more. But don't fret, you don't have to read them in order. The are all set in the English country side of Rutshire (that's why they're know as the Rutshire Chronicles) and all have little maps of the specific towns in the front along with a list and short description of all the characters, animals included. My favorites of the "Rutshire Chronicles" are "THE MAN WHO MADE HUSBANDS JEALOUS", I am in love, and always will be, with the lead - Lysander Hawkley, & "POLO" because it stole my "Jilly Virginity". Jilly also has a bunch of short stories of which I have only read two. I'm gonna by them all one day and read them in one sitting. Jilly also writes no fiction & I believe was or is a journalist. She is now working on a novel about a Grandmother who escapes from her demanding family and rescues a racehorse. To aid her research, she in now the proud owner of a twelfth share in a race horse trained by Nicky Henderson, called Monty’s Salvo. I cant wait for the latest addition to my Jilly collection. Hurry up already lady, I am NOT patient. I love you Jilly and if I had a left testicle, I would gladly give it to meet you. Oh yes I would.

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Mel said...

Jilly is the best. And i love you for introducing us. b.t.w that is such a cool picture!