Thursday, May 14, 2009

flippen WOW ok!

The title of this post does NOT even begin to describe, not even the million words to this post can. I am very dyslexic and it generally takes me a while to read a book cause I have to keep re-reading sentences over and over again. Not that it discourages me ; ). But with these...WOW! I read the 1st two chapters of "Twilight" on Sunday night. Monday, I must have taken 100 smoke breaks to steal a few more pages. By midnight it was all finished. I had to wait 3 whole days for my brother to finish "New Moon", the 2nd book. I dragged my mother (who can't refuse a book - bless her soul) to Estoril on the Thursday afternoon and conned her into buying the last two books, "Eclipse" & "Breaking Dawn" so I didn't have to wait for Kyle to finish them. Lucky it was Easter weekend and we had Friday and Monday off. I read unit 05h30 on Friday morning - finished "New Moon". Neva done that before. Finished the last two books by Monday. What a journey. Stephenie Meyer - bless you lady, you are AMAZING! It felt like my life was over when I finished the last page of "Breaking Dawn" : ( So I started all over again - believe it or not? This time it was a lot slower, I took more in, appreciated the miracle that is the "Twilight Series". Flippen WOW, AMAZING, AWESOME!!! Stephie, babe, you rocked my world.