Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Desmond dance with The Ranks of Kings

Please refer back to my post on the 18th May “hosting "The Host". It sure hosted me. heee.” – I promised my Smellers that I would post the rest of the amazing adventure we had that weekend & it’s a week late. Sorry.
I don’t know how but Kyle got wind of the TuTu’s playing a gig at a school fundraiser. AMAZING? Yes! My baby brother, Daniel, plays the guitar and is really talented. Us being the MUSIC mad gypsy family we are really want to inspire and encourage him. So we told my mom in no uncertain terms that they would be attending and he flippen loved it. We saw two bands. First “The Ranks”, who were totally radical, violin, mad crazy drum solo by a dude named Andrew, and all. Then the big finale – DESMOND & THE TUTU’s. They played some new song which made my feet really happy. Daniel totally did the jumping dance with us. We danced and danced until we were all red in the face and the sweat was poring off us. Wow. Thanks Ky for your incredible intentions and making all of our feet really chuffed! Click the picture to enlarge it. La Mer, Flow & la la la to the maximum!

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Mel said...

I so wish i was there...