Friday, May 15, 2009

because she L.O.V.E - loves him. Yes she does.

OK, this is one of my creative outlets. I often design canvas's for family & friends or whoever wants one. They make amazingly sentimental gifts. I am a sentimental fool. This one is bit special to me because I did it for a very good friend - Lindz. She is so beautiful inside her body & out. Yes she is. Her other half, Wes, move to Australia on 1 Jan 09. This was his goodbye pressie, something to remember her, & their special times together, by. They remind me so much of Gaz & I - meant to be, you know? So Wes stuck Oz out for a little while and was soon jetting back across the ocean to surprise the love of his life. He couldn't stand being separated form her, total misery actually. So beautiful... I love you my Lindz & am very happy that you are whole once again!

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