Friday, May 29, 2009


Internet this is Jack, the littlest big man you will have the privilege of meeting. I bought him for Gazza's 21st birthday present. They are inseparable. He is the naughtiest lil being I have ever met. He has OCD. He stresses himself out and makes his own immune system crash. Always on a mission. If we, for some or another reason, come home out of routine, we are guaranteed to see him sprinting through the veld and under the fence, straight to the gate, tail wagging like he's done nothing wrong. Little adventurer. He has to sleep under the duvet and because of this I can never have a made bed in the house for more than 5 minutes. Come summer or winter, night or day he always scrunches the duvet into the middle of the bed and lies right underneath it. Little rat. Heart of a lion. My dad always said a Jack Russel could kill a Rottweiler... the Jack would get stuck in the Rottie throat. Never a truer word spoken!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

my pretties

I really love long necklaces with pretty pendants on the end. I have loads. Especially beaded ones which I must admit I buy more than I wear. But these four I wear all the time. They are my favorite. I did this little photo shoot with Kyle last night at his house cause he has amazing photographing backgrounds. The background in this picture is from his coffee table book about dreadlocks – he flippen loves dreadlocks. The photo turned out great hey? Bottom pictures right moving left. The first one is a necklace I made. At Broadacres shopping center there used to be this amazing bead shop. I was looking for a long necklace and I wanted a disco ball pendant because I flippen love the dance. This is the closest I got but dam is it amazing. It cost me five rand for the chain & seven rand for the disco ball. If you put a light behind it shoots off every colour of the rainbow. The second is my rosary. I love it so much. I bought it from a Christian shop for twenty rand. When I put it one I imagine that I have this protective bubble around me, my family & friends, angels on all corners. Yes. The third is a heart shaped crystal type pendant. I conned Gary’s mom into giving it me. She bought it from Honey. Thanks mom. The last one I also made at the bead shop, the chain cost me three rand and the pendant five rand. It’s my lucky clover. I wore it to Desmond the other night and from all the jumping dance the clover fell off. It’s lucky cause Gary picked it up off the floor and gave it back to me. Lucky, lucky little green clover. All my pretties I love you.

tin tin

Look at these two amazing tins I found at Bruma on the weekend! They are so beautiful they make me want to sing. Bruma have this amazing shop with EVE-RY-THING inside it. Thousands of amazing little trinkets. I went with the mission to find a tin and boy did I only. They have a whole tin section. The new stuff is all on top and you can get a 3 set with polka dots! No ways. I dug a little deeper and struck flippen gold! At the back of the shelves hidden, are all the old tins. Flowering shooting hell I almost had a heart attack. I chose the beautiful strawberry tin cause it has such a vintage pattern and is my favorite colour blue and is all old and rusted. The character, I tell you, well I don’t have to cause you can see with your looking eyes…It’s for the fudge Gary makes. He got the recipe of my favorite blog to read “Lucky Pony” by Angie Pants Durrant. She is out of this world cool! The little house one, I mean, I didn’t really have an option inside me head, just look at it! It flippen opens right up! Wow wow radical wow. Tinny tinny tin tinz, I really love you, yes I do!

Desmond dance with The Ranks of Kings

Please refer back to my post on the 18th May “hosting "The Host". It sure hosted me. heee.” – I promised my Smellers that I would post the rest of the amazing adventure we had that weekend & it’s a week late. Sorry.
I don’t know how but Kyle got wind of the TuTu’s playing a gig at a school fundraiser. AMAZING? Yes! My baby brother, Daniel, plays the guitar and is really talented. Us being the MUSIC mad gypsy family we are really want to inspire and encourage him. So we told my mom in no uncertain terms that they would be attending and he flippen loved it. We saw two bands. First “The Ranks”, who were totally radical, violin, mad crazy drum solo by a dude named Andrew, and all. Then the big finale – DESMOND & THE TUTU’s. They played some new song which made my feet really happy. Daniel totally did the jumping dance with us. We danced and danced until we were all red in the face and the sweat was poring off us. Wow. Thanks Ky for your incredible intentions and making all of our feet really chuffed! Click the picture to enlarge it. La Mer, Flow & la la la to the maximum!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Chantie Pantie comes for a Booza Paloooza

So this is how we do it farm girl style. My very good friend Chan was up from Cape Town for a visit. To celebrate I made her my world famous Mac & Cheese (it's basically the only dish I am really good at cooking, hehe) because she flippen loves cheese more than Gary did in high school. If you know Gary, that's a whole lotta love for the cheese. It was a beautiful balmy evening so we set the table outside and ate while the setting sun turned the sky & clouds every different colour pink, purple & blue. We promptly set out getting very jolly with the help of a few rounds of Kings. What a fun flippen time. Chantie Pantie come back. I miss you lady guy!

Friday, May 22, 2009

peace, love & unity

This photo is of my beautiful friend Leah. You'll recognize her from other posts as well as the billboard (soviet lady on motorcycle) on William Nichole a few years ago. She is my muse. She has to be one of the most beautiful people on planet earth. This photo was taken as part of my college project. We did a photo shoot, i wrapped he in a huge piece of white material pinned at the back and made her pose with a guitar all rocker like. I didn't use this as part of the project. This one is mine. Pretty sweet ha?

Thursday, May 21, 2009

warming her house

oooooo la la! The funnest time eeeee-vaaaa! It was my very bestest friend, Tracey aka Dyke's (and no she is not a dyke, its just a nickname), house warming. We baked her cupcakes cause every new house needs cupcakes and I made her a piece to hang on her wall. We got very jolly and had a great time. Don't ask what I was doing under the table cause I have absolutely no idea. Stirring you betta thank me for not posting the last 4 pictures. You should know better than to fall asleep with the likes of Gary around...

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

mullet man

This is Stefan van Goethem aka Stirring Guy. He is the guy who gave me the nick name Lady Timez. Yes he is. He's a funny guy that's for sure & he's tripping his balls off. Maybe I am to cause I can also see those break dancing dudes. Totally strange. ; D

Lola the russian stripper aka Flow


This is one of my best friends in the whole universe, Lola. We got her from the SPCA 4 years ago. She is a boxer cross boerebull and was in pretty bad shape when she came home, pertrified of men. It took her about a year to fall totally in love with Gaz. He taught her about the ball you see. She really is the most gentle, loving dog we could ever have been blessed with. Here is a clip of her doing her "Num Num Num". When you give her something to eat, if she really digs it, this is what she does. Lately it's chocolate icing & chilly sauce. Heeeeeee. Enjoy...

quater pounda with cheeze pleeeeeze?

This was one helluva night on the town let me tell you. It was Gazza's 25th birthday and we went to Crazy 88's (Norwood) to go and watch Gonzo Republic & Desmond. Would have been the 1st time we saw them but just before they came on Gaz decided he wanted to go watch the end of this DJ comp a couple of our friends were competing in, in Melville. This really pissed my brother Kyle off but I didn't care cause it was Gazza's birthday and he could do whatever he wanted. Well Ky & I got in huge fight and I was a bit boozed up. I tried to get out of the car and Gaz pulled me back, ripping my shirt, the cops saw it all and pulled him over. Almost got him arrested. Thank goodness they didn't. I always say Gary is luckiest person I know & it's flippen true. What a night, I ended up falling asleep in the club and got kicked out by the bouncer. Later I drove everyone home cause I was the only sober one. Gaz projectile vomited down the side of his car. Just thinking about that night makes me cringe & giggle all at the same time. We finished the weekend off with my work Christmas function. That explains the last two photos below. It was western theme. coooool!

the most beautiful mom in the world

Isn't she lovely? I love her madly. It was Mothers Day not so long ago and my beautiful, hippy of a mother would much rather we made her something with love, than if we just went out and bought her same lame-o gift. We, the baking household that we are, decided to make her special cupcakes with chocolates in the middle. Nigella gave us that sweet idea, thanks Nigella.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Jilly. Jilly. Jilleeee. JILLY!

Yes, oh, yes. This lady right here is my favorite author of all flippen time. Yes she is. Just thinking about the scandal makes my head want to spontaneously combust. And Jeez is she only funny. Fall off your chair funny. I lie not. The first book I ever read of hers was "POLO". I was in high school and absolutely horse mad. I really identified with the leading lady, Perdita MacCleod. Out of control, rebel of a girl. I was hooked. I have read every single one of her novels at least three times each. They could not bore me even if they tried. The all follow into the next which is awesome because when you finish you, well I, always want to know more. But don't fret, you don't have to read them in order. The are all set in the English country side of Rutshire (that's why they're know as the Rutshire Chronicles) and all have little maps of the specific towns in the front along with a list and short description of all the characters, animals included. My favorites of the "Rutshire Chronicles" are "THE MAN WHO MADE HUSBANDS JEALOUS", I am in love, and always will be, with the lead - Lysander Hawkley, & "POLO" because it stole my "Jilly Virginity". Jilly also has a bunch of short stories of which I have only read two. I'm gonna by them all one day and read them in one sitting. Jilly also writes no fiction & I believe was or is a journalist. She is now working on a novel about a Grandmother who escapes from her demanding family and rescues a racehorse. To aid her research, she in now the proud owner of a twelfth share in a race horse trained by Nicky Henderson, called Monty’s Salvo. I cant wait for the latest addition to my Jilly collection. Hurry up already lady, I am NOT patient. I love you Jilly and if I had a left testicle, I would gladly give it to meet you. Oh yes I would.

Monday, May 18, 2009

shelving the shelves

So we got a dishwasher, JOY, and had to take out a cupboard in our kitchen and had not space for our glasses and mugs. We decided that we would make shelves because we live in a cottage and that would be very cottagie. Look at our finished result. So pretty. Just plain old pine stained off white and bracketed to the wall. Looks amazing. Very good, yes?

flippen brilla!

new glasses, new glasses. shade my eyes from the sun. Redder that red frames. yes i like your red frames. you look so cool with a hat. a hat.

making the pretty, making the pretty.

ok, so I know that I have mentioned that I love to make pretty fings wif my hands. These are some photo's of some pretties that I have made.
No. 1 "Mirage" by one of my fav artists Jim Warren, printed on canvas and framed by me. It really is a beautiful picture. It really appeals to me because I am really in love with the ocean and mermaids. I wish I could be a mermaid : (
No. 2 "Elly" by me. Yes I drew her. Isn't she amazing? I am trying to teach my self how to draw. I really love illustrations that are child like, the original is by an artist called Ally Moon. Her stuff is amazing. I am gonna frame her and post her to my best friend Bron along with No.3. It's for her baby girl Hannah Maye. I hope she loves her.
No. 3 The little squares are CD covers. The blue and yellow rectangles below them are writting paper I designed and printed. It's a package for my Bron. She lives in Namibia with her beautiful family. I feel it is my duty, because she is all grown up now, to keep her up to date with the happenings of the irresponsible : ). So I wrote her one helluva letter (e-mails are just so impersonal, at leats this way she can keep it forever in her box of sentimentals) and made her some awesome music CD's. She's gonna love it! I know she will.

hosting "The Host". It sure hosted me. heee.

What a weekend. Full to the brim with Amazing Adventures - no lies! On the eve of Friday I finish this amazing book!

"The Host" by Stephenie Meyer. The author of the "Twilight Series". I will say this a million times. FLIP this lady has an imagination on her. That's for flippen sure. What i would give for a glimpse in her amazing brain... "The Host" started off a bit slow. I think mostly because she writes about things that I have never heard or thought of. I've never really been a SciFi book reading kinda lady, so it took a bit to get into and understand. Then about 200 pages in it exploded. Oh my hat! Where did it go? It blew away in the explosion! I love you Stephie. I love you because you let me have the BEST of the best adventures sitting on my couch or lying in my bed or having a smoke break at work. I just love you! The only problem is I'm gonna spend a fortune on hats. Oh well, I'm not gonna complain. I will post the rest of the weekends adventures tomorrow. I promise, especially Smellers : )

Friday, May 15, 2009

with her head in the clouds but lying on the green, green grass...

Introductions, introductions?
This is my partner in crime. We get up to all sorts of devilish things. Yes we do.
Mel aka Smellers. You rock. I rock. And we especially rock when we're together. You make me so happy.

crazy, mad, insane

Ky needed a poster for a competition running at work. "MAD" - "Make A Difference". This is what I came up with. Isn't he awesome. He even has a tweed jacket. So styling.

a tandem effort

Leah Marie Mackenzi & Gary B. Two flippen out of this world people. That's for sure. With bubbles. Could life get any better? I don't think so.

festively cheerie

FUNK - an awesome mag. So unfortunate that it is no longer. The economic slump - wamp wamp wamp. I contributed the picture for this article. The brief - FESTIVE CHEER. My favourite season. Jolly Jolly Ho Ho. The photo was take one the upstairs floor at a club called "truth" in Midrand, Johannesburg. Great times. Partying under the South African stars. I really think this image captures the youth and spirit of our colourfully diverse country with the fireworks shooting high up into the night sky. Thanking you kindly Jean-Pant-Mackie!

because she L.O.V.E - loves him. Yes she does.

OK, this is one of my creative outlets. I often design canvas's for family & friends or whoever wants one. They make amazingly sentimental gifts. I am a sentimental fool. This one is bit special to me because I did it for a very good friend - Lindz. She is so beautiful inside her body & out. Yes she is. Her other half, Wes, move to Australia on 1 Jan 09. This was his goodbye pressie, something to remember her, & their special times together, by. They remind me so much of Gaz & I - meant to be, you know? So Wes stuck Oz out for a little while and was soon jetting back across the ocean to surprise the love of his life. He couldn't stand being separated form her, total misery actually. So beautiful... I love you my Lindz & am very happy that you are whole once again!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

flippen WOW ok!

The title of this post does NOT even begin to describe, not even the million words to this post can. I am very dyslexic and it generally takes me a while to read a book cause I have to keep re-reading sentences over and over again. Not that it discourages me ; ). But with these...WOW! I read the 1st two chapters of "Twilight" on Sunday night. Monday, I must have taken 100 smoke breaks to steal a few more pages. By midnight it was all finished. I had to wait 3 whole days for my brother to finish "New Moon", the 2nd book. I dragged my mother (who can't refuse a book - bless her soul) to Estoril on the Thursday afternoon and conned her into buying the last two books, "Eclipse" & "Breaking Dawn" so I didn't have to wait for Kyle to finish them. Lucky it was Easter weekend and we had Friday and Monday off. I read unit 05h30 on Friday morning - finished "New Moon". Neva done that before. Finished the last two books by Monday. What a journey. Stephenie Meyer - bless you lady, you are AMAZING! It felt like my life was over when I finished the last page of "Breaking Dawn" : ( So I started all over again - believe it or not? This time it was a lot slower, I took more in, appreciated the miracle that is the "Twilight Series". Flippen WOW, AMAZING, AWESOME!!! Stephie, babe, you rocked my world.

desmond rule!


I am the hugest fan of the TuTu's. This was the first time we saw them live. We drove all the way from Lanseria to Pretoria and got lost for like one & half hours before we finally found Tings & Times. Then we had to stand in this really long line. Totally worth it though. Flippen blew my head right off my shoulders.

Ola Schmola Granola!

So this is my first blog entry. YAY! Very exciting stuff! I thought I would do a little profile for the 1st entry. My name is Jessica aka Lady Times, but you can call me Jess. I am starting this blog cause blogs are to flippen cool for school and I really wanted one. I will document all of my amazing adventures here, hence the name :) I live in a little cottage on a beautiful plot with huge mountains not so far in the distance – lucky! I share my little cottage with my love, Gary and our four beloved’s. See picture above. Top moving clockwise excluding the centre. Kitchen view. My favourite person on planet earth, Gary. Lola the Russian stripper aka Flow. Jack, the pumping King. The Princess of the Universe, Sweetpea. And last but not least CoCo LoCo. Definitely lots to love. La Mer, Flow & La La La Adventurers